‘Community’ Cast and Creator Dish on Paintball, Babies and Renewal

Community NBC SpaceshipAlright, so the Paleyfest Community panel didn’t offer us the comfort we’d hoped. There was no flag waving or declaration of, “Of course we’ll get picked up, everyone stop worrying your pretty little heads,” but we did get a “we’re optimistic” declaration, so that will have to be enough for now. Since their fates are unclear, we’ve only really got spoilers for this season, but that means more instant gratification so I think we’ll all survive for now.

First up, the baby mama. Shirley will in fact have her baby this season and Malcolm Jamal-Warner will return to duke it out with Chang over paternity. No word yet on the Cosby sweater’s future appearances. We also now know that the baby won’t arrive until the epic paintball-themed finale and it will be clear immediately who the father is. Alright, enough of this mama drama.

This week, we can look forward Dan Harmon and friends taking on yet another sitcom cliche: the flashback episode. I think we can assume, because this is Community and not The Big Bang Theory or some other average sitcom, that these “flashbacks” will in fact be unseen “memories” or at least augmented memories. Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays Shirley, cemented this notion by adding that audiences should keep an eye out for a little background action in these 78 scenes. Will Abed deliver a set of twins this time? He did so well the first time.

Also on the docket is some redemption or at least resolution for Pierce. He’s really become an evil character in recent episodes; I’ve always thought he was obnoxious but this is just ridiculous. Apparently, the relationship with the group will still be a bit “spotty” (because how could it not be, Pierce is the AT&T of people after all) but producers say the show will address the issue in coming episodes. It looks like we’ll also get another chance to see Britta make a fool of herself with a song and dance (yes, but will it be as good as “I’m a Little Teapot?”) and Joel McHale offered the notion that he’s positive Jeff’s dad will make an appearance some day. Oh good, some day.

Here’s hoping the show gets plenty more chances (WITH A SEASON 3, NBC) to flesh out that story and a few others, but if Harmon’s jokey assertion is any indication, they’ve already run their course. “Well, I made sure I did everything I could possibly do this season. So, if we get a third season…it’s gonna be bo-ring,” he said. Clearly, we know that’s not true, but it does make you wonder, what could they possibly have in store for season three when they (hopefully, hear our cry Renewal Fairy) get the green light for another full year of awesomeness?

Source: TV Line