‘Community’ Cast Dishes On Their Christmas Special

Is it just me, or does today kind of feel like Christmas Eve? Well, it may just be me, but that’s because tonight the Community episode we’ve been hearing about for months will finally air on NBC: the stop-motion Christmas special. Instead of opening presents and sipping hot cocoa with Mom and Dad, tonight will see me and my roommate plopped patiently in front of our TV wearing flannel pajama pants and cupping Irish coffees while we giddily await the Burl Ives-inspired antics of the Community ensemble.

In case you’re as antsy for tonight’s episode as I am – or perhaps my over-enthusiasm has just raised your curiosity enough to want to know what I’m raving about – there are a few online exclusive videos from Community cast members Donald Glover, Ken Jeong, and Alison Brie to tide you over. It’s kind of like that shameful peek at your Christmas presents that weren’t hidden as cleverly as your mom had hoped. (Sorry, Mom.)

Here, the very talented and not-so humble Donald Glover talks about how “very handsome” his “Troy soldier” is and shares with us the secret of Chevy Chase.

It wouldn’t be a Community special without Chang. Ken Jeong explains how to make a snowman look like him and expresses his love for the shower-less life of voiceover actors.

Alison Brie may look like a storybook character, but if you’ve read this personal account, you’d put that notion to rest pretty quickly. The actress manages to keep it in her pants as she shares her excitement over the Toyland element of tonight’s episode and she finally says something about the GIANT puppet eyes.