‘Community’ Halloween Episode Preview

Below you’ll find a preview of the upcoming and highly anticipated Community Halloween episode. In it, Señor Chang is Peggy Fleming. Britta is a dinosaur, turtle, Yoshi incest disaster. Shirley is Glenda the Good Witch, and Jeff is David Beckham. The episode revolves around a Halloween party, where zombies are everywhere because the bouncer was too busy breathing in and suctioning a plastic cup onto his face and forgot to bounce them. But don’t get your hopes up because at your Halloween party, there will be children with dirty fingers and runny noses. Unless, of course, you’ve made the decision never to befriend anyone with children…in which case, your festivities will have a fun level that rivals a Broadway performance of Spamalot. Also be careful in watching the clip below because the two spoon costumes you already bought for yourself and your boyfriend aren’t returnable, and you’re bound to want to change it once you see Donald Glover without his shirt on. Do not think you’re better than anyone else.

Source: Vulture