‘Community’ ‘Law & Order’ Parody Is Super Serious, You Guys — PICS

Even though 30 Rock beat the Greendalians to it, the Community Law & Order parody is sure to be nothing short of excellent. NBC released images from the April 26 episode, and it appears that Abed and Troy have the L&O schtick down pat. Besides, how could they not? Law and Order reruns make up roughly 82 percent of cable programming, and by that (totally incorrect, but somewhat valuable) number, Abed should have watched enough episodes to be able to become an amalgamated version of every Law & Order detective ever — though he’s rocking a serious Jerry Orbach jacket-scarf combo. On the other hand, I’ll be satisfied if Troy is just Dr. Spacetime’s Constable Reggie without the accent.


[Photo credit: NBC]

The episode finds the group on a mission to solve the mystery of their yam experiment saboteur. To save their biology grade, they much figure out who the perp is. (See? We’re already using Law & Order speak!) But Community’s upping the ante: Michael K. Williams is back as Professor Kane, perhaps we can expect a little The Wire action? Maybe a wee Omar Little nod?

Enjoy these other photos of parody goodness and perhaps you can help us identify that stuff on the table. Any bets on taco salad?