‘Community’ Lines Up Another Epic Christmas Episode

Apparently that little delusional musical number at the opening of Community’s Season Three premiere was a bit of a preview. According to TVLine, the NBC series is planning a musical episode for Christmas this year. I just knew they wouldn’t leave us hanging this year after last year’s spectactular holiday episode.

Now, this musical theme actually makes a whole lot of sense considering the last Community announcement stated that SNL’s Taran Killam would be playing Greendale’s choir teacher on the Christmas episode. Could it be that Christmas will deliver us a Glee parody on Community? But if it is, should we consider it a compliment since the series is joining the ranks of great films like Goodfellas and Apollo 13 on the list of Community homages? Or should we just wait in anticipation like good little TV fans and stop worrying about it so much? That second option is probably healthier. 

Word has it the writers are delivering more original songs, much like they did at the open and close of last year’s stop-motion animated Christmas special. Another round of “Sing-a-ling-a-ling-Ding-Dong” anyone?

Source: TVLine