‘Community’ Recap: Early 21st Century Romanticism

S2E15: All I have to say is, “Aw.” Community was funny as always, but this time around we got a little of that sentimental charm that we know they’ve got under all that snark. It’s Valentine’s Day at Greendale, and unlike last year, everyone’s become comfortable and they’re more like a family which means the episode played heavily on that element, but of course there was plenty of other craziness as well. Need I even mention the girl on girl action towards the end? I bet you dudes are still rejoicing over that early Valentine’s Day present.

“Is she…a friend of Ellen?” –Annie

The cold open treated us to a little rundown of everyone’s issues for the episode; Troy and Abed have the hots for the librarian, Britta is friends with a lesbian, Jeff is heartless but trying to chang(e) and Pierce is becoming addicted to those meds of his. By far the best part of the open was the end. Britta has a lesbian friend and yet there’s no commentary from Pierce; this is of course because he’s prepared a long, written statement (on parchment paper?) for such an occasion. I loved the way they let him prepare himself, change glasses and then cut it off right when he started to speak. The writers are well aware of what the joke was; they know that the prep was what’s funny and they don’t kill it by including Pierce’s commentary, which in turn made the whole exchange that much funnier.

“She holds the key to all our questions like, ‘Will you marry me?’ and ‘Why are there still libraries?’” –Abed

This is cute. Troy and Abed both have a crush on the librarian, so naturally they approach the problem in a head-on, rational nature as to preserve their bromantic relationship. They ask her rationally to choose one of them, but since she doesn’t know either of them, she goes on a three-way date with both at the dance so she can make a more well-informed decision. Besides the fact that she looks a little old for both of them, they both take her to the dance where Abed tries to impress her with his knowledge of the Saw series and Troy tries by doing this dance which I want to watch over and over and over. (Thank you, internet, for capturing it so perfectly in that GIF.)

After it all goes down, Mariah the librarian chooses Troy because she thinks Abed is too weird to date. Ah hellllll no. When Troy immediately burst out of the auditorium yelling, “I hate her, I hate her, I HATE HER,” I actually said “AW!” out loud. This is the type of Valentine’s Day we should be getting from Community. No real mushy, romantic stuff, but the stuff that binds the show together. As cheesy as it sounds, the friendships on the show are strong and I doubt I’m the only one who loves seeing them come together. Besides, how great was the part where Troy is hugging Abed and says, “Just ignore her,” when Mariah walks by with that smug look on her face?

“I never thought you were cool. I just thought you were a lesbian.” –Paige

Of course, Britta’s friend is actually her match in every way. No, she’s not actually a lesbian. She’s just as douchey as Britta; they both think the other is a lesbian, and are friends because they think they’re challenging stereotypes. This of course leads to them making out at the Valentine’s Day dance (go ahead and keep celebrating, dudes) and then the secret comes out. I thought this was an interesting twist on the usual sitcom “Oh wait, you’re a lesbian?” storyline and I liked how much it played on Britta’s elitism. There’s also the fact that Britta’s daring make-out move kind of inspired Annie (here comes that dual personality again) to try and make out with Britta. Sorry guys. You’re not that lucky.

“In England, fanny means vagina, right?” –Chang

“In England, everything means vagina.” –Professor Duncan

After Jeff blows up at the study group and insults the “godly” Bare-Naked Ladies to the group’s severe disappointment, he storms off because he declares that they’re fighting. Here’s the main romantic conflict, the fated relationship of the show, Jeff and the Study Group, are having a tiff, but will they fix things in time to have a happy Valentine’s Day? It’s a typical sitcom Valentine plot, but played out with the group instead of a smultzy couple.

Because Jeff is a stylish American who’s forced himself to like soccer, he and Duncan watch the Manchester United game in his bare, cement, sad (but oh-so stylish) apartment. Of course, Chang is around to overhear their plans and shows up donning Man.U. colors but looking more like an Asian Where’s Waldo. He starts wreaking havoc on Jeff’s apartment before inviting Starburns and friends over for a rager so that he can crash on Jeff’s couch. Apparently, the Shirley thing pissed off his wife (oh yeah, he’s married!) and he’s homeless now. Jeff kicks him out but eventually changes his mind because he’s realizing that as much as he’s resisted, he really belongs at Greendale now and Chang is like that annoying kid in elementary school who had no friends but meant well. He really just needs someone to take him under their wing and help him out, so Jeff does. Aw. This chang(e) of heart convinces Jeff to end the fight and confess his love to the study group. Double aw.

“Bon appetit.” –Pierce

Wow. That was a graphic comment for Britta and her new friend, but probably the most perfect thing Pierce could have said. I’m really starting to like him again. This week, he was getting way too into those painkillers he’s been using post-trampoline accident and mini-Andy Dick who was the imaginary tiny pilot in his remote control plane during the trampoline episode is back. He was a bit annoying, personifying the effect of the drugs and demanding that Pierce keep taking them to escape. “Intervention, intervention, intervention?” Thanks, Annie. Jeff squashes that and this is the factor that rips the group apart in the first place. Though the group eventually recovers, Pierce does not. The episode ends with him lying unconscious on a park bench. Yikes, Community’s getting a bit dark.

“Be mine.” –Abed

Aw, Valentine’s Day cuteness. This was a little old school and not as creative as more recent tags, but it was true to the bromance, so what the hell. Happy Valentine’s Day!