‘Community': Rise of Chang — EXCLUSIVE CLIP 

ALTRemember a few weeks back, when Senor Chang enlisted the help of recently Bar Mitzvahed Jewish boys to police the wild halls of Greendale? Well, it appears that after last week’s meth-explosion-related student death, their skills will be needed more than ever.

In this Thursday’s episode of Community, “Course Listing Unavailable,” everyone’s favorite study group grapples with Starburns’ death in a different way. Some are indifferent, while others (cough cough: Britta) use collective grief as a self-serving psychology experiment. But for the criminally under-appreciated Chang, Starburns’ violent passing presents a rare opportunity — for total Greendale domination.

Watch as Chang and his minions bring his list of ridiculous demands to Dean Pelton, who puts an interesting spin on a Dexys Midnight Runners classic. Fans of democracy and soft-serve ice cream beware.

Community airs tomorrow, May 3 at 8 PM (ET/PT) on NBC.

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