Conan Hosts Puppy Lingerie Football: Late Last Night

Sure, we could’ve shown you clips of Mike O’Malley or Lisa Kudrow on Conan last night. But we really know what you like. And that’s puppies in lingerie playing football. You’re welcome.

Dana Carvey was on Jimmy Fallon last night. It’s a shame that he saved all his Being Funny Juice for the segments during commercial. He became almost watchable.

Fallon also had on Minka Kelly. I would tell you what she talked about, but let’s be honest. No one noticed.

Jimmy Kimmel had on Alex Trebek to talk about the IBM computers that will be pitted against the Jeopardy! champs. He asked the question that most of us were thinking, “Why are you speeding up the robot apocalypse. Also bring back the ‘stache.”

Jeff Bridges was on Leno last night and I’m not really sure what he talked about either. All I could think about was how much Bridges is basically The Dude in real life. Also he’s pretty funny. But then again, most people seem funny when they’re sitting next to Leno.