Conan O’Brien’s Emmy Category Won’t Be Televised

ALTI recall the day the Emmy nominations were announced quite fondly, mainly because Conan O’Brien was nominated for hosting an “Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series.” It was a delightful morning: daisies stood up a little taller and dogs only pooped on the streets when their owners had baggies to pick it up. We were all excited to watch Conan win the category, mostly because we knew his acceptance speech would be epic, and even though Stewart and Colbert are great too, Conan got shafted and the only thing that can make him feel better is a winged lady in a flowy dress. And, because the two jabs he’d make at Jay Leno (Conan’s too classy for more than that) while he was onstage would prevent the entire award show from being the same monstrous waste of time that it always is.

And now, it is with great displeasure that I stick a sewing needle in your balloon and tell you that category will not be televised. The Emmy producers (who have quite a lot of unordered pizzas headed their way) have decided against airing the announcement of the nominees and then the winner of the late night category. One of Conan’s writers (Deon Cole) tweeted, “NOT ‘NBC’ but the powers that be has sent us an email saying that the category we are nominated for will not be televised this year! really?”

I’m desperately trying to remain calm. Do we think Jay Leno did this? He’s made the occasional “woe is me” joke about not being nominated, but behind the scenes he could be really miffed about it! If this is his doing, he’s worse than the Wizard of Oz: he’s more demanding, unafraid of bribing people, and whines and whines until we submit to him and his big face. How is this NOT something he’s orchestrating?

Source: Deon Cole Twitter

UPDATE: A spokesperson for the awards ceremony contacted us and informed us that each year, the Directing and Writing categories for the “Variety, Musical or Comedy” shows alternate between the CBS Primetime telecast and the Creative Art Awards. He stated,

“In accordance with an agreement made before last year’s Primetime Emmy broadcast between the WGA, the DGA, and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the Directing and Writing categories for VMC Series and Specials must alternate on the Primetime telecast from year to year. Last year, the VMC Series Writer and Director Emmys were presented on the CBS Primetime telecast, and this year they will move to the Creative Arts Awards on Saturday, August 21st. Consequently, the Writer and Director Emmys for VMC Specials will be awarded on this year’s NBC telecast on Sunday, August 29th. VMC Series, which Conan is nominated for, will still air as part of the Primetime telecast.”