Conan O’Brien Will Be On ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Before becoming one of the great late night hosts to make a public spectacle of NBC, Conan O’Brien was a professional extra. Well, actually, he was a writer, but he still appeared in a bunch of sketches in the background. Remember the Five Timers Club? That’s him taking their jackets! Now it looks like he’ll be returning to his roots as an extra on How I Met Your Mother.

As Neil Patrick Harris explained to Conan’s audience, they were both in attendance at a charity auction where an extra’s spot was up for bid. Conan kept playing against himself and eventually won a part. The producers wanted to write him in as a character but he insisted on being an extra. So that’s definitely going to happen next year and we’ll just add that on to the things we’re looking forward to: Barney’s wedding, Lily and Marshall’s baby, Conan’s extra spot, and, oh yeah, maybe finally MEETING THE MOTHER!

Source: Conan