Conan Offers Apology to Kimmel

So it wasn’t the most unexpected comparison; Sarah Palin shoots a reindeer in December, so Jimmy Kimmel combines her triumph with the classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer stop-motion film. Then two weeks later, Conan O’Brien does something slightly different but along the same lines, and the world freaks out. Okay, Conan should have done his homework, but to be fair, the Conan one is funnier and took a little more thought than the Kimmel one which just dubbed dialog over the cartoon. It’s the same idea with different execution, and go ahead and try to tell me that hasn’t happened before, especially in comedy. But even if I think everyone should just calm down and move on, Conan has chosen the classy apology route, debuting this video where he apologizes and jokes about gags being unoriginal and stealing Andy Richter from some other lame show. (Psst, he means his old show.)