Conan Saw Ed Helms’ Butt in IMAX: Late Last Night

Yeah, that’s right. In Ed Helms‘ new movie, Cedar Rapids, he bares his rear end for the ladies and Conan liked it. And in case you were wondering, no there was no butt-double involved. That’s 100 percent Helms tushie and that’s not all. He also clarifies how a little guy named “Peppy” factored into those scenes featuring “artist’s naughty bits.”

Carmelo Anthony explains how he likes his omelets, why he doesn’t like clams and why he’s finally made the decision….TO WEAR A SNUGGIE. Psych! You thought it would be that easy? You know they’re going to drag this team decision out like they did with LeBron James’ and this time there are THREE teams on the table. So yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

Sara Rue is going to play beer pong at her wedding…that is as long as Craig Ferguson stops staring at her impossibly shiny, orange legs.