‘Cougar Town’ Officially Has a Return Date

Busy Phillips Cougar TownNow, this news that would make Community’s Abed Nadir so happy he just might sneak into the background of a Busy Phillips scene all over again. In light of the god-awful Work It’s cancelation, the modest ratings performer and beloved Bill Lawrence sitcom, Cougar Town now has a return date: Feb. 14 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT. Well, isn’t that romantic for die-hard CT fans who’ve been forced (I’m assuming) to find new hobbies like making bets on The Bachelor or reading actual books. It’s a Valentine’s Day miracle!

But what about that supposed name change Lawrence touted as “very likely?” According to the series creator market research showed that the title, alone, was a huge factor in keeping Cougar Town’s ratings in the dumps. A new title seemed like a promising change: a better name could bring more viewers and less crippling shame to fans who’ve had to utter the phrase “I can’t hang out, Cougar Town’s on tonight.” Alas, all we’ve got is the premiere date for the truncated 15-episode season. Oh, wait, we have a premiere date for the 15-episode season! Huzzah! (That’s what we say, right?)

Source: TVLine