Could Michelle Williams Bring a ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Reunion to ‘Cougar Town’?

Michelle WilliamsWhen one of your favorite things from the previous decade teams up with one of your favorite things from this decade, there exists a fleeting, but quite powerful resurgence in your faith that everything in the universe is somehow working just the way it should. This feeling doesn’t come easy, but something in the vein of a Dawson’s Creek cast reunion happening on an episode of Cougar Town might do the trick. According to Busy Phillips, star of Bill Lawrence’s ABC sitcom and vet of the WB drama, her former Creek costar Michelle Williams has been interested in making a guest appearance for some time.

Phillips tells E!, “This is not a joke. We can give Bill Lawrence all the s**t we want for it. At the beginning of the show, in the first season, I told him, ‘My friend Michelle Williams wants to guest star on the show.’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ And they never did anything with it! And then she was nominated for her third Academy Award and they’re like, ‘Hey, maybe one of your friends would wanna…?’ I said, ‘I told you Season 1 that she would do it! You lost her now to the third Academy Award nomination.'”

But apparently, Phillips is still optimistic for a Williams appearance on the Florida-set sitcom. Phillips plays Laurie Keller, who, though good-hearted and loyal, has been shown to harbor violent and promiscuous tendencies that lead Christa Miller’s character Ellie to frequently refer to her as “trashy.” Phillips has quite a different image for the character Williams could play on the show: “I want her to play my bookish sister who hates me.”

Williams on Cougar Town would be a treat, but why stop there? How about Katie Holmes as Courteney Cox’s younger, trouble-making cousin? Joshua Jackson as Josh Hopkins’ more accomplished brother? Or perhaps James Van Der Beek himself as Brian Van Holt’s estranged illegitimate son? They do look eerily alike…


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