Could Rob Lowe Replace Sheen on ‘Two and a Half Men?’

Rob Lowe Two and a Half MenWow. And I thought John Stamos potentially joining Two and a Half Men was bad news. This is LITERALLY the worst. Word has it that Chuck Lorre is still trying to make the show happen, even though they’ve just fired Charlie Sheen in an official text message, and Chuck’s people are in contact with Rob Lowe in hopes of ending their quest for Sheen’s replacement.

As a fan of Rob Lowe, I’d just like to say, “PLEASE DON’T DO IT.” Yeah, I’m sure people will still watch the show even with Charlie gone. They love it too much. But do they really need to steal Rob Lowe away from other awesomeness? (Hello, recurring role on Parks and Recreation that is LITERALLY one of my favorite sitcom roles in recent years. Although, his character did just dump Anne Perkins so maybe the dream is over.) There’s also the issue of Lowe growing up in close proximity to the Sheen family. He probably won’t want any part of stirring the Charlie Sheen scandal stew any more than he can help. We can hope, can’t we?

Even if they don’t nab Lowe, it looks like Lorre and company are still hard at work trying to find a friendly face to keep Men on the boob tube. Personally, I think they should just let it die. No offense, John Cryer.

Source: TMZ