Courtney Cox Set To Direct An Episode of ‘Cougar Town’

There’s a saying: those who can’t do, teach. Well if that’s the case then should it also go: those who can’t act, direct? Not in Courtney Cox‘s case. She seems to be taking the world of television by storm these days. Like many actors and actresses before her, the former Friends star is going to try her hand in the director’s chair, but it’s not because she can’t find work elsewhere. In fact, Cox will actually be directing an episode of the same hilarious show that she just happens to be the lead of: Cougar Town. An ABC spokesperson confirmed that the actress “is currently scheduled to direct an upcoming episode” of the sitcom during Season 3. Who knows, if it all goes well, the lovely actress may take on the director title on a more permanent basis. She also serves as the executive producer of the show. Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

This will be Courtney’s first time ever directing for television. In 2008 she directed a short film starring Laura Dern and called The Monday Before Thanksgiving, which Cox also appeared in. She certainly likes to cast herself in everything she directs so far — who does she think she is, Clint Eastwood? Cougar Town is set to return mid-season, so in the meantime Cox will be guest starring on former Friends cast member Lisa Kudrow‘s Showtime series, Web Therapy, next month. She certainly seems to be keeping busy.

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Source: THR