Courtney Cox Sings The Wiggles: Late Last Night

On The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night Courtney Cox talked about their shared love of the fabled children’s show. But that’s not the crazy part. The crazy part is that she gives her kids $20 for a lost tooth. $20! Man, I guess that Friends’ money is still pouring in.

Meanwhile on Leno, Demetri Martin gave a fairly boring interview (what would you expect with Leno?) but he manages to save it at the end with a picture of Meredith Viera.

Then on Conan Topher Grace tells about a prank he did at Disney. Is it just me or does Topher come off as kind of a dick in this? Just a theory, needs more research.

Melissa McCarthy was also on Conan last night and she confirms what most of us would do if we saw Conan walking past us. Thrust the pelvis, every time.