Courtney’s ‘Bachelor’ Apology Didn’t Work

the bachelorOn March 5, the world witnessed the unthinkable when Bachelor bad girl, Courtney Robertson, appeared on the Women Tell All special to apologize for her vindictive behavior toward her former fellow bachelorettes. And while her tearful breakdown certainly looked genuine, the girls remain unconvinced that Courtney’s truly seen the error of her evil ways.

After the taping, People magazine spoke with a few of the ex-bachelorettes to get their take on Ms. Robertson’s apology. Fan favorite Kacie B. commented, “I hope [Courtney] was being completely genuine in all that she said, but…I have a hard time believing that somebody could act that way for so long [without] some sort of motive and not be a mean-spirited person.”

However, she is sure about one thing: “Courtney won’t even be invited to my wedding.” That’s a wise decision given Courtney’s dramatic track record.

Nicki, the latest bachelorette to leave the show, is also having a hard time buying Courtney’s emotional meltdown. She said, “I just don’t buy it. If they’re together, I don’t see it lasting. Just watching the show and seeing her actions and comments would be enough to break them up.” Nicki also added, “I don’t really buy anything about her including the apologies or the tears. I think she showed up tonight because she looks bad to the viewers, to us and to Ben.”

Unsurprisingly, Blakeley, who had been the main victim of Courtney’s wrath, had a few things to say as well. She stated, “She said sorry. Whether she meant it or not is the question. I want to believe her. However, it is really hard to backtrack when you’ve gone so far and dug a hole so deep.” If you recall, Courtney called Blakeley a stripper during the baseball episode, a simple footnote in a long list of insults she dished out to all the girls.

However, Courtney did manage to find one sympathizer out of the group: Casey S commented that she was actually “happy to see her.” Additionally, she said, “They think she only has a mean side because most didn’t get to know her. That’s not true. She is a great friend and funny.” So at least Courtney’s got at least one percent of the population backing her.

What’s your take on Courtney’s tears: real or fake? Let us know and tune in for the finale on March 12 at 8 p.m. to see which girl gets the final rose.

Source: People