Cowell to Quit ‘Idol’ If Ratings Fall

Simon Cowell has vowed to quit the judging panel on American Idol if the hit show slips from the top spot in the TV ratings.

The music mogul serves as a judge on the talent program, which regularly pulls in 22 million viewers per episode across America.

But Cowell is adamant that if the show ever took a tumble in the ratings, he’d quit his prized role on the singing series.

He says, “Being number one is verging on an obsession with me. I don’t like being number two. I don’t mind when you start at number 10 — people don’t always go on as number one, and you’ve got somewhere to go. But if you’re at the point you’ve reached it, of course you want to stay there.”

And the star is already planning to bring a new music venture to U.S. audiences in a bid to keep himself at the top of the ratings year round.

Cowell adds, “We have to bring in another music show. In the U.K., there is more than one type of music show running throughout the year. And I think the same thing could happen here, because for the fall, nothing really happens. It’s something we’ve been thinking about… I would definitely do it now.”

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