Craig Ferguson and Conan Used to Be a Couple: Late Last Night

Craig Ferguson joined Conan O’Brien on his show last night. And, well, it’s safe to say that Ferguson is on the right network (CBS) because the only humor the guy seems to like deals with gay jokes and fart jokes (although, let’s be honest, these jokes were pretty damn funny).

Adam Sandler talked to Letterman about what it’s like to live in a home dominated by women and how his wife finally let him “get one more penis in the house.” He also addressed the problems that come with raising children when you’re extremely wealthy. Oh, you don’t want to do your chores? Well, no massage for you then!

Matthew Perry chatted with Jimmy Kimmel about his new show, Mr. Sunshine and the whole surreal experience about one of his shows actually being made. Although considering Perry was on Friends, one of the most-watched sitcoms of all time, it’s a little hard to believe that the dude is in awe of what’s happening. C’mon.

Kevin Nealon showed off some impressions to Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. And, um, it was funny? I love Kevin Nealon and all, and he’s usually a very, very funny guy. But I’m sorry, I don’t think “walking impressions” has that much potential for comedic future. Eesh.