Craig Robinson Talks ‘Last Comic Standing’: Late Last Night

  Craig Robinson Talks “Last Comic Standing”: Late Last Night

Last night, Jimmy Fallon chewed the stubborn belly fat with Craig Robinson, star of “The Office” and host of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” The way I see it, when they’re on stage, comics are hilarious and nice and seem like they’d help you hail a taxi if you were in a wheelchair. But then once they get backstage, they turn into obnoxious dragon people who will slit your throat if you eat your soup too loudly while they’re trying to write their bits. Am I the only one who thinks that? Yes? Well in any case, Craig doesn’t seem like a mean guy. But then again, technically he was “on stage” last night. So I guess the enigma continues.

And for some reason, Jimmy shared a tandem bike with Jessica Biel…I guess because “The A-Team” comes out soon? But more importantly than riding around the studio and talking about family minivans, Jimmy did a STELLAR Pee-Wee Herman impression. Just…spot on.

Adam Sandler (who I think is aging at the speed of Dick Clark) told Jay Leno about some places in Massachusetts, and what it was like to film his new movie, “Grown Ups.” But then Sandy boy asked Leno if he had any nicknames growing up, and you’ll have to watch the clip to find out what it was because I’m not sure I can write it out without getting in trouble…with someone.

And Rachel Maddow (who I spend about 75% of my life wishing I was friends or neighbors with) told Jay Leno about what it was like to be down in the Gulf and looking at the oil spill. But they also talked about how the ladies are schooling the dudes in politics right now. But it was kind of a drag, because Jay would voice his frustration about Obama, or pink bubble gum or puppies, and then poor Rachel would have to tell him what she thought. But she’s a champion, because she didn’t care when Jay talked about “when I first got this job…”

Bradley Cooper (another “A-Teamer”) told David Letterman a just charming story about getting hungry for a ham sandwich when his cousin was puking while they were riding in a helicopter over Afghanistan. Watch it if you want. But only if you didn’t bring a ham sandwich for work today.

And Kourtney Kardashian told Dave about how her sister Khloe, does not get along with her drunk, mouthy boyfriend, Scott. She also told Dave about the one-night stand she had with him that resulted in her sweet (but really old-looking) son, Mason.

Jon Stewart addressed the question on everyone’s mind last night, and it’s not if you’re going to renew the lease on your apartment or not. It’s actually who’s going to get Helen Thomas’ front row seat in the White House press corps.

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And Stephen Colbert also talked about Helen Thomas’ surprising remarks about Israelis in Palestine. He admonished her for ending her career with such a poor statement, but then he offered her the chance to be remembered for something better.

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