The Craziest Show Coming to TV Is Pirate Drama ‘Black Sails’

Credit: Starz

Do you want to watch a show about pirates? Of course you do! Well, are you ready for Black Sails, the new pirate show executive produced by Transformers auteur (I use that ironically) and mindless explosion masestro Michael Bay? Oh, I think you are. This isn’t just a pirate show, this is a pirate show with shirtless dudes, lesbian sex, floppy hat wearing ladies, bloody fights, beautiful locations, elaborate action scenes, and, of course mindless explosions (when all they had was gunpowder). Right now all we have is the trailer, which is below, but the thing starts in earnest on Starz (no more exclamation point, sadly) in 2014. Consider me timbers shivered. 

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