Create Your Own Adventure: ‘How I Met Your Mother’


How I Met Your MotherFor years now, you’ve allowed yourself to play audience to one of the most iconic love stories of our time: a love story between Ted Mosby and… some woman, I guess. Since How I Met Your Mother first aired back in 2005, fans have been strung along by the promise that someday, maybe, we’ll find out who the hell Ted gets married to and has kids with. Honestly, it’s kind of been torture. Seven years of buildup without more than a few subtle hints dropped here and there.

Well, no more!

We’re taking matters into our own hands. You can sit idly by and wait for Ted to meet his future wife, or you can decide for yourself who the mother is. Granted, nothing you opt to choose will have any bearing on the show, others’ opinions, or any other element of reality beyond your fragile psyche, but at least it might be kind of fun.

We’ve set up a Create Your Own Adventure for How I Met Your Mother, where you can take Ted on whichever romantic path you see fit. Will he finally tie the knot with Victoria? Patch things over with Stella? Steal Robin away from Barney? It’s up to you. Embark upon an adventure unlike any you have yet to experience (except if you read a lot of HIMYM fan-fiction), picking up right where we left off…


When we last left our hero, Ted was cruising past a would-be wedding with the bride, his former love Victoria, in the passenger seat. It was… a regrettable choice, speaking ethically. But what are you gonna do? It was sweeps week. Something big had to happen.

As Ted and Victoria zoom on down the streets of New York, our hero begins to wonder: “Am I making the right choice? After all, I myself have endured this very same fate… it nearly destroyed me.” Yes, I know that’s not how Ted talks, but give me a break. I’m trying to class this thing up a little.

Ted has a decision to make: should he drop Victoria off at her wedding, quitting his interference with what could be the relationship she was meant to have, or should he whisk her off into the sunset (New York’s light-polluted equivalent, anyway), to try his hand at a life of love with the bearer of cupcakes?

Which will Ted do?!