Create Your Own Adventure: ‘The Walking Dead’



Why hello there, latest member of the so-called “Grimes Gang.” That’s right — like it or not, you’ve made the cut. The comfortable life you’ve always known is forever gone, your family and friends are flesh-eating monsters, and now you have no choice but to try to make it in a post-apocalyptic version of the American south east with this ragtag bunch of zombie killin’ misfits. Humidity, gross!

Whenever you tune in to The Walking Dead, part of you wonders how you yourself would fare should you find yourself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Would you pull a Sophia and run into the wilderness, never to return? Would you take on a leadership role like Rick? Would you be a crossbow-wielding badass like Daryl Dixon? Well, now it’s your turn to find out. Before Walking Dead makes its Oct. 14 debut, click through our version of a “choose your own adventure” to learn the consequences of your theoretical actions.


When we last left the Grimes Gang, they were in shambles — an attack on Hershel’s farm left the group bruised, bloodied, and heartbroken after some devastating deaths. The eternally beleaguered Andrea was separated from the group, and went off with a mysterious hooded figure who we now know to be Michonne. Michonne had two walkers shackled to her, which officially makes her a badass. Good — Andrea could use a positive female role model.

The rest of the gang (minus Jimmy, Shane, and Patricia — RIP) met on the highway, RV-less. Rick told everyone that he had killed Shane — news that wasn’t particularly well-received. But that was nothing compared to the next bomb Rick dropped: He revealed the game-changing fact that Dr. Jenner whispered to him at the end of the first season — that all survivors are infected, and will become walkers after they die. Oh-no-no. A large prison loomed in the distance, and season three trailers have revealed that this prison will replace Hershel’s farm as a main hangout for a good chunk of season three.


So, what will it be?