CW Picks Up Zombie Drama

Zombie BabeThe CW continues its trend of discovering fads about a year and a half after their prime by picking up a zombie drama from Canadian writers William Laurin and Glenn Davis. The show, Awakening, follows two sisters as they develop their turbulent relationship during the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. But will the girls look fabulous while smashing skulls? Will they develop an emotional attachment to each other as they fend off hoards and hoards of the undead? Will there be at least one joke about what the zombie is wearing?

The CW is the turning point for a fad’s popularity. When they created The Vampire Diaries, that was pretty much the end of that (though Twilight still limps on) and even though Smallville has been on forever and started long before many other superhero TV shows, it still managed to somehow kill the genre.

Source: Deadline