CW’s ‘Arrow’ 1st Look: ‘Hunger Games’ Meets ‘Hung’

Stephen AmellEarlier this year, the CW picked up a heap of new shows, including the superhero series Arrow. Like the CW’s Smallville, the new show is inspired by a D.C. comic book series (Green Arrow), and will expand on the character and world created in the comics.

In January, Arrow was given its first cast member: Stephen Amell. He plays the lead: billionaire Oliver Queen/super-vigilante the Green Arrow. Although Amell has had guest and supporting roles on a slew of television programs, most notably HBO’s Hung—on which he played an “up-and-coming” prostitute and rival in the business to hero Ray (Thomas Jane).

Amell’s Arrow character looks to be far closer to The Hunger Games than to Hung. As you can see below, Amell sports the dark, threatening look of a modern day Robin Hood, complete with an archery set that is likely to cause a few of Star City’s criminals a great deal of pain. But is Amell as adept an archer as THG star Jennifer Lawrence?

David Nutter, who worked on Smallville, is directing the pilot for Arrow. Katie Cassidy will star opposite Amell as his love interest, lawyer Dinah Laurel Lance.


Source: Chicago Tribune