‘Dallas’ Pic: Holy Flashback, Patrick Duffy!

Original Dallas Cast Patrick DuffyDallas is back, and this time, it’s wearing a lot less clothing. 

The original TV series Dallas was marked by greed, deception, disloyalty — you know, all the soap opera staples. But there was something that separated Dallas from the rest of the genre: a story with real character that allowed the show’s famous “Who Shot J.R.?” episode to hold the position as the second most watched broadcast in television history for 22 years, and counting.

Reviving the iconic series is risky business, but it’s an idea with a lot of chutzpah (as they say in Dallas). The new incarnation of the show will focus on a new generation of Ewings, with some of the original characters in tow, notably J.R. (Larry Hagman) and Bobby (Patrick Duffy). Below is a scandalous, somewhat bizarre new teaser image for the upcoming sequel series, pitting the all-too-close family in the showers, and sticking each member with that devious Dallas look.
Dallas premieres on TNT Wednesday, June 13.