Dan Aykroyd To Guest On Belushi’s ‘The Defenders’

I'm a Soul-food manOh Dan Aykroyd, what happened? Where did we fail you? I refuse to heap blame on yourself for this late and on going career slump, so the blame must be transferred to someone and I blame us. Where did we go wrong? Are you out of money? Did we not reward you enough with your early career highlights? Are you lazy and/or afraid of taking risks? I can assure you the reward for that would be far greater than anything you receive from shilling vodka and voicing a dead-eyed Yogi Bear. And you even co-own the distribution rights to Patron in Canada! Surely that can take care of you for a while during which time you can make a movie again.

Unless it can’t. Unless Dan Aykroyd actually enjoys doing these kinds of things. After all, most signs point to the fact that Dan Aykroyd enjoys pissing off those who enjoyed his early work and doing the least amount of work possible for the most cash. Why else would he agree to appear in Jim Belushi’s new show The Defenders? It’s only going to bring up the elephant in the room about John Belushi and The Blues Brothers.

Why bother even bringing it up? It’s going to make everyone depressed again. A far more interesting story is looking at the late careers of those who started SNL. Granted Belushi was taken away from us before he could truly take off. Maybe that’s what happened with Aykroyd; he lost his career partner which caused him to lose sight of the goal. Chevy Chase made a few good movies after SNL and then kind of went through a period of irrelevance before coming back with Community and regaining the respect he lost post Christmas Vacation 8,345. Hell, Al Franken is now a damn US Senator. I find that shocking too. Steve Martin is off being witty and high-brow writing tweets and novels. And Bill Murray is still doing that Bill Murray thing (which is to say making critically acclaimed movies, getting Oscar nominations, and crashing parties), so he has that going for him.

So Dan, what is it? What happened? I promise we’re not here to bite. I know you can still be funny. You’re a fucking genius, we know it and you know it, but its nice to have a reminder from time to time.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter