Dan Harmon Compares Season 4 of ‘Community’ to Jeffery Dahmer on Reddit

Dan made some annoyed comments on reedit about fans complaining that Season 4 was bad because of existing problems with season 3Mark Davis/NBC

Dan Harmon, original creator and former-former-showrunner of NBC’s Community stumbled upon the most productive place to occupy his time the other day: a Reddit thread. Harmon released a stream of irritated remarks via the Community subreddit, responding to fans who blamed the drop in quality seen in the much despised fourth season of Community on problems that originated from Season 3, a season for which he still served as head of the show. In a bizarre commenting spree, Harmon lashed out against those who chastise Season 3, even going as far to compare the fourth season to Jeffery Dahmer. Here are a few excerpts from the tirade:

“Saying season 3 sucked is like punching my brother. I wish it wouldn’t happen but my brother probably deserved it, he’s kind of nuts. But I love him, you know? I don’t talk to him, but he’s my brother.”
“Saying season 4 sucked is like punching…let’s say Jeffrey Dahmer. He’s from my home town, but I didn’t know him and he ate 17 people.”
“Saying season 3 sucked so bad that it made season 4 suck is like feeding my brother to Jeffrey Dahmer. I have no idea if he deserves it, it doesn’t matter if he does, it bums me out, there’s nothing I can do, but definitely no need to argue about it.”
“Explaining why season 4 is season 3’s fault and how it’s important to state your opinion and I should really calm down is like feeding my brother to Dahmer really slowly, while wearing Harry Potter glasses that you keep pushing up on the bridge of your nose.”

We all know that Dan Harmon is a deeply passionate individual that had to suffer through the injustice of getting his creative work ripped out from under him in a cruel act of television network politics, but he should probably cool it on comparing the work his former collegues did on Season 4 to a cannibalistic serial killer. That might make their next meeting at the company picnic just a little awkward.

Moreover, Harmon should realize that the Internet is a vast and unruly place filled with opinions that range from flattering to downright nasty. You can’t take every single one of them so personally. So our advice to Mr. Harmon, as fans, would be to sit back, relax, crank up the smooth sounds of “Daybreak,” and concentrate on making Season 5 of Community the best one yet.

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