Dan Harmon Could Return to ‘Community’ for Season 5 — But Can...

Dan Harmon Could Return to ‘Community’ for Season 5 — But Can He Save the Show?

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If you’ve heard word that Dan Harmon might be signing back onto Community, which the showrunner stated during one of his Harmontown gatherings, you’re likely pretty stoked. But we can’t help approach any return to the once great NBC series with skepticism. Not even the genius behind the first three terms can erase the black mark that is Season 4… unless he, literally, Does erase it. It seems that the only way Harmon can rectify what replacement showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio did to Greendale Community College is by annulling the canon of the group’s senior year. So how, exactly, can we rid ourselves of this stain on the storyline?

It was all a dream
The standard: maybe an anxious Jeff, or a fever-ridden Pierce, hallucinated the whole ordeal during one long Scotch-induced night?

It was a creative project of Abed’s
We’ve seen Abed try to embody his friends on the screen before. Still growing as a filmmaker, he doesn’t quite have the knack for Perfect writing just yet. As such, Season 4 was the product of his developing passions.

It was an alternative dark timeline
Perhaps the result of a fateful die-toss, Season 4 was what Could have happened to the study group… but not what did happen.

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We’d love to see Harmon return, hit the reset button one year, and pick up after Jeff’s 2012 realization that he does, indeed, belong at Greendale, alongside his beautiful new family. And although we trust the imagination of the man who developed the show to begin with, we’re skeptical that he can preserve the stories of this past year and still bring Community back to its former glory. So if he’s able to find a way to retroactively take Season 4 out of the picture, we’re on board for the endeavor. Otherwise, we’re happy to continue considering the wonderful Season 3 finale the true ending to Community.

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