Dana Carvey on ‘SNL’: The Skits You Missed

Yes, Justin Bieber was Saturday night’s not-so-surprise guest on SNL, but belieb it or not, he was by no means the best part. The show took a nostalgic turn,setting Dana Carvey loose, bringing back Jon Lovitz from the good ol’ days and giving us a 2011 rendition of Wayne’s World, EXCELLENT. It may not have been a showcase of a ton of original content from the SNL writers, it was one of the most enjoyable episodes so far this season. Party on, Dana.

First, the skit that you must see because Wayne’s World rules even when the actors playing the ambiguously possibly teenage characters are pushing 50. Wayne and Garth give us their Oscar picks, including a little film called Winters BONE.

Well isn’t this special. The Church Lady returneth and it was awesome…eth.

Oh boy. That Bieber kid was all over this episode, but this digital short succeeded in spite of the spritely singer. Andy Samberg is one crazy motherf***er.