Dana Carvey to Take Over Regis’ Hosting Gig?

Dana CarveyHe who will assume the legendary seat of Regis Philbin on Live! with Regis and Kelly has got a lot to live up to. It’s likely that anyone suggested will be met with at least some naysayers, no matter how affable or talented said candidate may be. The newest potential successor to Philbin’s longtime hosting gig is quite an interesting and unexpected choice, although not one without promise: Dana Carvey.

Yes, Carvey has been the source of a good deal of laughter over the years, from both the Wayne’s World movies and his years on Saturday Night Live. But we never really see Carvey not playing some kind of character; and more often than not, he’s playing a pretty off-the-wall character. He’s known more for wild, spot-on impressions rather than his capabilities with charming smalltalk and casual banter.

But then again, it might be wise to veer from the expected. No one who takes the role will wow all of the Regis-devotees out there. Perhaps, instead of emulating the television fixture’s unwavering insuperability as a friendly talk show host, shooting for the epitome of a character actor to keep everyone guessing is not a bad choice. Of course, they won’t have Carvey coming out in Church Lady garb or delivering opening monologues as Tom Brokaw. But instilling some of his wacky flavor into the mix might just work.

Others in consideration for the role include Kelly Ripa’s husband, Mark Consuelos, who has filled in for Philbin in the past on the show. Additionally, Ryan Seacrest and Bravo television host Andy Cohen are in the running.

Source: NYPost