‘Dancing With the Stars’ Front-Runner William Levy: Can He Win?

dancing with the starsIt’s only week two of Dancing With the Stars and winners are already being predicted. One of the front-runners has sent women (and men) into a swoon-fest: Cuban hottie William Levy. The crowd’s excitement is palpable even before this guy hits the dance floor; that’s how much of an upper-hand he already has in the popularity race.

But it’s still early in the competition and anything can happen over the next ten weeks. So instead of making a premature prediction, we’re taking a look at how favorable Levy’s chances really are in earning that coveted Mirror Ball trophy. As the saying goes: history’s bound to repeat itself, so that’s where we should find our answers.

Advantage: Good Looks

Let’s start with the most obvious characteristic working in Levy’s favor: he’s a painfully handsome man who takes the term drool-worthy to a whole new level. And since a majority of the show’s demographic is made up of women, this is a very pivotal advantage. Many DWTS winners have been quite the lookers whether you’re a male or female (i.e. Brooke Burke, Nicole Scherzinger, and Apolo Ohno). The world is always looking for the next big heartthrob and Levy shows great potential in this category. That alone will undoubtedly keep him safe well into the thick of the competition.

Disadvantage: A Non-Athlete

Though he most definitely has a hardcore fitness regime, Levy is not an all-star athlete, which has proven to be quite a draw for voters in past seasons. In the 13 previous seasons, six winners had an athletic background. Emmitt Smith and Hines Ward were both professional football players; Kristi Yamaguchi, Apolo Ohno, and Shawn Johnson were all Olympic gold medalists, and Hélio Castroneves was an auto-racing driver. Like it or not, athletes are known for having outstanding hand-eye cordination, making them exceptional dancers — a fact that doesn’t go unnoticed by viewers. So as  fit as Levy appear to be, he may not have the agility to deserve the trophy. Green Bay Packers star receiver Donald Driver may want to put this knowledge to good use in the following weeks.

Advantage: He’s a Judge Favorite

While it’s extremely important to be popular among voters, it’s also helpful to be a favorite among the judges panel, and Levy has them eating right out of his masculine hand. Levy knows better than to bite the hand that feeds him, and so far his undeniable charm has really worked in his favor. As of now, he’s earned 24 out of 30 points for the first week and 25 out of 30 points for the second week, which are extremely high marks to receive so early in the competition. Granted, this season is filled with exceptional scores, but he’s clearly becoming a standout to the panel. Carrie Ann even called Levy the “Harry Connick Jr. of the ballroom,” after his debonair Quick Step this week. And once you have the judges in your back pocket, then your scores (and odds) will understandably soar.

Disadvantage: That Hectic Work Schedule

Not everyone is able to their careers on hold in order to take part in the dance competition. Levy has to juggle his jam-packed soap opera acting schedule with his dance rehearsals, which can present a bit of a challenge. In fact, Levy and his dancer partner Cheryl Burke had to start working on their first dance routine a week later than everyone else because his schedule wouldn’t allow it. If that keeps up, it could put him at a serious disadvantage with the other competitors since the dance routines are bound to get harder as the weeks progress. As former DWTS dance professional Louis Van Amstel recently told us about Levy’s balancing act: “Schedule is not a struggle for [William] now, but if he gets into the top couples, the public will start judging him. At that point, he has to put everything on hold if he wants to win.” After all, practice makes perfect.

Advantage: Men Are Dominating The Competition

While this isn’t much to go on, it is worth mentioning that the winners in the past two seasons have both been males. Every so often, the show tends to cycle through a male winning streak, and this seems to be one of those times (Seasons two through five all crowned male winners). If nothing else, this fact doesn’t hurt Levy’s chances. Voters are just swaying to favor men over women lately, and who could blame them? There’s nothing more adorable than watching a grown man dance.

Overall it seems William Levy has a real fighting chance to make it all the way to the finals, and perhaps even win the whole thing entirely. As they say, if there’s a Will there’s a way.

But if you really need anymore proof that this guy is a winner in every way, shape or form, just feast your eyes on this:


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