‘Dancing With the Stars’: Long Live the Trio Dance!

dancing with the starsMay 7’s round of dance routines on Dancing With the Stars proved to be a night to remember, thanks in large part to the debut of the Trio Dance. For their second set of performances, each couple incorporated another dance professional into their routines, which proved to be overwhelmingly successful all across the board. Those who normally fall short in the rankings, skyrocketed to the top, proving that it’s still anybody’s game. Plus, everyone was having so much fun! Their enthusiasm for the Trio Dance was so contagious it had even the likes of grumpy ole Len shelling out 10s. Let’s keep this little dance ditty around for good, shall we?

William Levy earned top honors throughout the entire night, receiving the second perfect score of the season with his dapper Foxtrot. It’s hard to tell which way I prefer this man: debonair with coattails or sweaty and shirtless (who am I kidding — it’s sweaty and shirtless), but he lit up the dance floor, performing what Carrie Ann called a sexy version of the Pink Panther. All we have to say is…Meow!

For his part, Roshon Fegan proved that the judges did the right thing in keeping him in the competition by earning the second highest placement of the night with his equally impressive Foxtrot. Not many guys can pull of a checkered sports coat, but this guy managed to make it work. Bruno even called him a young Mickey Rooney. Let’s just hope this fans prove to be just as loyal as his loving grannies.

And while Donald Driver and Melissa Gilbert pretty much stayed in the same score range that they usually do, Maria Menounos and Katherine Jenkins took a tumble from the top. Despite both of their phenomenal dance numbers these two fell to the lower half of the leaderboard, placing only slightly above Melissa. In a night of stellar performances like this though, it’s far from an insult. The Trio Dance brought out the best in everyone, raising the bar not only from a technical standpoint, but an entertainment one as well.

But a couple’s performance is only as strong as the votes that will carry them through to the next round. As it stands, Melissa and Katherine are in the bottom two. Could the charming opera singer find herself in the hot seat for the first time ever this week? Which two couples should America decide to eliminate when everyone is so talented. Sound off on your thoughts below!


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