‘Dancing with the Stars’ Recap: Week 1 Elimination

Well, it was fun while it lasted and while no one was getting eliminated! On Monday night, we saw all the celebrities on Dancing with the Stars make their first attempts at moving their bodies to music while wearing excessively rhinestoned attire, and for the most part, it was enjoyable! Some early favorites were Chynna Phillips and J.R. Martinez, who tied for first place by earning 22 points. The two celebrities who received the lowest scores were Ron Artest (whose Cha Cha Cha was criticized for being “all sizzle and no sausage” and only earned him 14 points) and Elisabetta Canalis (whose Cha Cha Cha was completely vacant and lacked any sort of excitement — she didn’t even make the face a person makes when their name is called at the vet!). But not everyone was able to make it to week two, and so the three pairs who received the least amount of votes were Ron Artest and his partner Peta, Rob Kardashian and his partner Cheryl, and Nancy Grace and her partner Tristan. Ultimately, it was Ron who was asked to hang up his dancing shoes, and Tom Bergeron was particularly sad to see him go because Ron would’ve surely delivered some pretty crazy moves over the course of the season. But considering how many gifs were created of Nancy Grace shaking her chest on the dance floor, there’s still a whole not coming our way.