‘Dancing with the Stars’ Recap: Week 2

fall_back.jpgS13:E2 This week, Dancing with the Stars was about two of the most technical dances there are: the Quickstep and the Jive. The celebrities all had a bit of a hard time understanding how they were supposed to relax and let the dances flow out of them when the judges kept telling them to honor the precise movements of each dance, and so for the most part, each couple displayed one weakness or another. But the scores definitely improved since last week, and we saw many more pairs break into the 20s — and possibly the most surprising person to do this was Elisabetta Canalis, who earned 15 points last week for her less-than-satisfactory Cha Cha Cha but then managed to churn out a Jive that warranted 21 points from the judges. Rob Kardashian was also impressive this week when he danced the Jive and earned 21 points for his efforts, which is a significant improvement over his 16 point-earning Viennese Waltz from last week. The biggest surprise of the night was unquestionably Chynna Phillips’ Jive, which completely underwhelmed the judges and they responded by awarding her only 21 points. This shocked many in the audience (not to mention the judges themselves) because her elegant and superb Viennese Waltz from last week led everyone to believe that she would kill this week’s dance, but unfortunately, she played it pretty safe.

But let’s go over everyone, shall we?

First up were Hope Solo and Maxim, and they were assigned the Jive. However, their rehearsal time was more limited than usual because Hope had to compete in a soccer game against Canada, and so she wasn’t feeling particularly confident in her movements. Len commented that she lost her timing a few times and Bruno encouraged her to be more accurate in her kicks and twists because she definitely had the body to complete them properly. The judges gave her 19 points.

Kristin Cavallari glammed it up with Mark Ballas to perform the Quickstep, and her goal this week was to bring more oomph to her dance by delivering each of her movements with a “pop.” While Bruno and Carrie Ann both called her performance “stunning,” Len remarked to Kristen that her routine “wasn’t as good as good as you look.” They gave her 22 points.

David Arquette and Kym Johnson danced the Jive, and since his Viennese Waltz last week was a little out of control, Kym made it her job to be a little bit harder on David in terms of performing each and every step in their choreography. She did this because she knew the Jive is so fast that the dancers don’t really have the chance to think about what they’re doing, and so she tried to get David into a comfortable place where he could just do everything without thinking. His dance for the judges was remarkably upbeat and full of enthusiasm, but all the judges noticed that it had no technique. They gave him 18 points.

Elisabetta Canalis danced the Quickstep, but she had a particularly rough week with her partner Valentin because she felt like he was treating her like she was in kindergarten and she didn’t appreciate it. So their rehearsals were full of tension. But judges were impressed with her improvements and they gave her 21 points.

Rob Kardashian continued to battle his low self-esteem this week, and he told the cameras it was really hard for him to be around so many dancers because their bodies were perfect and it only makes him feel worse about his physique. But his partner Cheryl told him that if he was really dedicated to the steps, not only would his body change, but he’d become a serious competitor. And so after he danced his Jive last night, Bruno said that his timing was perfect and this gave Rob the belief that he could actually stick around for a little bit longer. He was given 21 points.

Carson Kressley

was up next with his Quickstep and during rehearsals, he told his partner Anna that he was great at everything in school except for anything that required coordination. So Anna and Carson rehearsed more than any other pair on the show, but his lack of precision prevented him from landing a score in the 20s. Instead, they got 18 points.

Chaz Bono also danced the Quickstep, but his routine lacked any sort of complicated movements because his knees gave him significant trouble while he and Lacey were practicing. The judges claimed their dance was too slow to be a Quickstep, and since it didn’t have many of the customary moves, they couldn’t really judge based on any particular highlights. They gave him 17 points, which was the lowest score of the night.

Chynna Phillips

and Tony danced the Jive, and considering how she tied with JR last week for first place, her dance was significantly underwhelming. She’s clearly this year’s Jennifer Grey, but I don’t really think she’s that likeable. In any case, while they commented on how graceful she was, the judges agreed that she played this round pretty safe and gave her 21 points for her effort.

Nancy Grace

and Tristan were tasked with the Quickstep and during rehearsals, Nancy completely lost her cool and had a defeated look on her face the entire time. At one point, she got so discouraged and so adamant that she was going to fail that Tristan had to completely end their practice session for one day. But she stuck it out and her dance ended up being fantastic. Len commented her on delivering a “proper Quickstep,” and the judges gave her 21 points. (You may have noticed that the camera cut to a group that wasn’t clapping for the pair after they finished dancing and that was because Nancy slipped a nip and ABC obviously didn’t want everyone to see it.)

J.R. Martinez hoped his Jive would allow him to reclaim the top spot on the leader board this week, and so Karina made the dance steps rather difficult. Their Jive was quite the pleasure to watch, and JR is, without a doubt, wonderful. The judges didn’t really agree, but gave him 22 points anyway.

Finally Ricki Lake was up, and her Jive was pretty wonderful, but she had trouble matching Derek’s energy. Len flat out said he didn’t like it, but Bruno commented that she was the only dancer of the night that did the kicks correctly and Ricki was overjoyed with that information. The judges as a group gave her 23 points — the highest score of the night.