‘Dancing with the Stars’ Recap: Week 6

Kirstie Alley and Maks were the first to dance last night on Dancing with the Stars and during rehearsals they explained the theme of the night was Guilty Pleasures, which is the stuff you love but are too embarrassed to talk about. Kirstie said her issue wasn’t coming clean about her love of Britney Spears – instead, she said it was that she has a tendency to learn the choreography and then over think it so she gets herself confused. Maks told her she had to convince herself that she knows what she’s supposed to do and let go of all the repetitive thoughts and just dance. When it came time for them to perform the Samba for the judges, it was obvious that Kirstie wasn’t yet able to turn her mind off and just let her body move. Her movements seemed shorter and more reserved, which indicates an unsteadiness that if she doesn’t address soon, will be the reason why she’s voted out. The judges remarked that her dance was as good as the one she showed them in week one and gave her 26 points.

Kendra Wilkinson has been at the bottom of the leader board for the past two weeks. But her partner Louis managed to get her excited for this week by telling her that they were going to dance the Samba this week, and that this was her time to bring the sex appeal that she’d been trying to squeeze into the Viennese Waltz all this time. And because she’d had all that time in the Playboy Mansion to practice her shakes, Kendra’s dance last night was definitely entertaining. However, there were a few times when Kendra seemed lost. The judges, however, were completely enthralled with the performance, especially when she was hoisted up onto their table and shook everything. They gave her 25 points.

Ralph Macchio’s Samba from last week lacked sexuality, so this week he tried to be a crazy sexy matador in his Paso Doble. Karina noticed Ralph was having trouble feeling confident in his moves, so she decided to throw him a bone and incorporate some of his Karate Kid moves into the choreography. Their dance got off to a promising start, but Karina tripped over one of their long costumes and tumbled to the ground. They seemed quick to recover but a couple of times they seemed out of sync with each other. The judges complimented them on their ability to pick up where they left off and gave them 24 points.

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas did the Quickstep this week, and Mark spent the majority of the rehearsal time trying to bring out Chelsea’s competitive side by asking her if she wanted to be the best and end the three-way tie for first place with Chris Jericho and Romeo. and by revving her up by with a water fight. As usual, they were great but it was definitely one of the more simple dances they’ve ever done. The judges appreciated their ability to combine control with zest in movement and gave them 28 points.

Romeo said “My Heart Will Go On” was his guilty pleasure and as he and Chelsie were rehearsing, Chelsie pointed out that Romeo was only one point away from tying Hines Ward for first place and that if he did everything she said, he’d get a perfect score on their Waltz. When they danced it for the public, Carrie Ann called it magical and Len called it incredibly mature. The judges gave them their first 10 of the season and 28 points.

Chris Jericho danced the Tango to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” and he said his goal was to bring the intensity he feels while performing with his own band into the routine. He also said since the judges told him last week that he’s a contender, he feels extraordinary amounts of pressure to deliver. I didn’t think it was really that great and I really found the song to be more enjoyable. The routine just didn’t physically reinforce or support the song’s message of never giving up. Judges pointed out how he lost his timing several times, and that it didn’t even seem like Chris enjoyed himself. They gave him 22 points.

Hines Ward told his partner Kim that when he was younger, he wanted to be in Boyz II Men, so he chose to dance the Viennese Waltz to “End of the Road.” It was pretty cute how Hines showed us how he likes to draw out the dance like he does with a football play, and how he uses a pillow in place of Kim when he’s practicing in his living room. It was probably the best of the night, but they were pushed into second place behind Romeo and Chelsie and Chelsea and Mark with 27 points.