‘Dancing with the Stars’ Recap: Week 8 Elimination

Last night on Dancing with the Stars, one couple had to go home before the four remaining groups were to go on to the semi finals. I think we all agree Rob, J.R. and Ricki Lake were safe going into last night’s show, and so that left Hope Solo and Nancy Grace up for elimination. So who ultimately got the least votes? None other than the firecracker and mother of two, Miss Nancy and her partner Tristan. From the way she reacted it was as if she knew it was her time to leave the show, but she deserves great praise for sticking around this long and for beating out countless other younger (and possibly more agile) competitors. When Brooke Burke asked her if she was proud of herself, she said “I am so proud, but I really cannot take the credit. You know what, it’s been all Tristan from the get-go. And the whole crew at Dancing with the Stars, my family who flew out here to take care of my twins so I could dance…all of you, and especially to you Tristan. Thank you.” Tristan also took some time to extend his thanks to everyone involved for being so welcoming during his first season on the show, and hopefully we’ll get to see him go even farther next season.