‘Dancing with the Stars’ Recap: Week 9 Performances

We’re down to four remaining dancers, everyone! We’ve got Jennifer Grey, Bristol Palin, Kyle Massey and Brandy! On last night’s Dancing with the Stars, the theme was “cut open a vein night,” which meant that we were very luckily allowed to hear about some of the most difficult moments in each of the celebrities’ lives! Wasn’t it exciting?! Let’s shed some tears now, shall we?

We heard how Jennifer Grey became such a competitive dancer in this competition, which she attributed to standing backstage while her father acted on Broadway, and being in a very serious car accident with Matthew Broderick that resulted in the death of a mother and daughter that were in the other car (well, that is actually quite sad). In order to compete on the show, she had a plate put in her neck to take away some of the lasting effects from the crash. And to convey the pain she’s had over the last few years, she and her partner Derek Hough danced the waltz. They got a perfect score.

Bristol Palin also danced the waltz, and recalled how difficult it was when she got pregnant at 17 while her mom was on the campaign trail, AND THEN how hard it was to go through a very public breakup with boyfriend Levi Johnston, noted pistachio spokesman. She wore all black and danced to something even more religious than The Da Vinci Code. Their dance was awarded 26 points.

Brandy danced the Argentine tango to convey the sadness she felt when her albums stopped doing well on the charts. She explained that failure after failure can be tremendously debilitating, and that’s why a Dancing with the Stars trophy means so much to her – because it would convey that she’s still successful at something. She also remembered when she was in a fatal car accident, and even though she was cleared of any wrongdoing, she was called a “murderer” and a “killer,” left her not feeling well enough to the house for three months. Somehow, she and Maksim needed a lamp post to recreate all the trauma. The judges gave them a perfect score.

And finally, Kyle Massey’s family told us how much of a risk it was for them to leave his home in Atlanta for Hollywood. After months and months of no luck in finding work, they debated forgetting the idea of working in the entertainment industry and hightailing it back to Atlanta. But just as they were driving to LAX to board their flight home, Kyle got a part on That’s So Raven!. He and his partner Lacey danced the Argentine tango to illustrate triumph after experiencing total helplessness to “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire…and it was VERY GOOD. They also got 29 points.