‘Dancing with the Stars’: Week 2 Elimination


The bottom three couples on tonight’s Dancing with the Stars were Elisabetta Canalis and Valentin, David Arquette and Kym and Chaz Bono and Lacey. Chaz and Lacey were saved at the last minute (they were shocked!) and so that meant either Elisabetta or David would be going home. Fortunately, voters decided to give David some more time to develop his technique, which meant Elisabetta was the celebrity who was eliminated. While talking to Brooke Burke and Tom Bergeron about her time on the show, Elisabetta expressed that she was thankful to come to the United States for work and she even thanked her partner Valentin for all his hard work, and then Valentin apologized for not being a better teacher. To be quite honest, I’m really glad Elisabetta is gone. She was undoubtedly the weakest one in the competition, and didn’t even seem to particularly care as to how well she did. Chaz is much more deserving of competing on the show because of his desires to prove all the people who wish the worst for him wrong, and even though his weight places significant limitations on his routines, he genuinely wants to be there for as long as he can. In the two weeks that Elisabetta was in the competition, she displayed little or no interest in how far she got, and really didn’t seem committed to rehearsing to the extent that is required to succeed on the show. And so in that way, Elisabetta’s elimination essentially made the show more competitive — without the worst person there, everyone’s going to have to get better.