Dane Cook To Guest Star On ‘Hawaii Five-O’

Smug AssholeTo think I imagined my day couldn’t get any worse when I had to reroute my morning commute because apparently someone jumped on the track a few stops ahead of me. And then I finally make it to the office and find this little bit of news: Dane Cook will make a guest appearance on Hawaii Five-O as Danno’s (Scott Caan) brother. If you read my recaps of the show, you’ll know that the show has fun with most of its guest stars but this? This is just bad news (however I’m thankful they gave us three months to prepare). One would imagine, given Danno’s and McGarrett’s tendency to delve into fitful and eloquent bursts of witty barbs ne’er heard upon the ears since Oscar Wilde, that they will trade quips with only the vaguest, nary an iota of an iota, sense of homoeroticism.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter