Daniel Craig Arm-Wrestled Stephen Colbert: Late Last Night

Last night, Daniel Craig stopped by The Colbert Report to discuss his new movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo…and then to engage in the most epic competition of masculinity in the history of time: Craig vs. Colbert—arm-wrestling.

I can’t believe we haven’t heard of this sooner! Last night on The Late Show, Tom Hanks, master of the historical drama, showed the country the first footage of his new HBO miniseries about American hero Burt Loomis. Hanks has developed some masterful stuff in the past, from Band of Brothers to John Adams. But this new project, created by and starring Hanks, looks to be his most inspirational piece of work yet.

Matt Damon, who, by the way, is in the process of buying a zoo, appeared on The Daily Show to discuss, at length, his newly shaved head. After deliberating the pros and cons of the hairstyle, Damon went on to talk about working with Cameron Crowe and grizzly bears in We Bought a Zoo.

Finally, a very sick Robert Downey, Jr., appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss his and Jimmy’s hatred for their respective Christmas parties, and how cool it is to be friends with Sting.