Daniel Radcliffe Left a Young Japanese Girl For Dead: Late Last Night

Last night, Daniel Radcliffe, or – as he likes to refer to himself – the little Frog Boy, appeared on The Tonight Show to tell Jay Leno about his Beatles moment: showing up at a Japanese school to crowds of screaming girls, causing one to faint, and then sort of just walking away.

Brad Pitt paid a visit to The Daily Show to discuss Moneyball (and NOT Tree of Life), to consider “going negative” in the Oscar race, and to pose a new method of determining who gets the Academy Award.

John Krasinski stopped by his apparently close friend Jimmy Kimmel’s show and told a story about burying a zombie in Jimmy’s yard (and terrifying his housekeeper and girlfriend in the process), to debate about the value of Matt Damon, and to show pictures from a romantic rainbow-adjacent moment that he and Jimmy shared.


Finally, Tracy Morgan, fully recovered from his spill at the Sundance Film Festival, appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with a few stories of debatable veracity about growing up with Tom Brady and buying fish and spaghetti from Drew Pearson.