Daniel Radcliffe Makes Comedic Magic as ‘Saturday Night Live’ Host

Daniel Radcliffe on SNLSaturday Night Live has certainly had an impressive string of episodes so far this season. But topping the lot of them, perhaps, was this weekend’s, thanks to host Daniel Radcliffe. The Harry Potter series’ iconic star took to the SNL stage on Saturday, giving the world a taste of his unbelievable talents in comedy.

Unsurprisingly, fans got the treat of a sketch located at Hogwarts, in which a twenty-eight year-old Harry Potter, played by Radcliffe, can’t seem to detach himself from his long-gone glory days. The hilarious sketch features Radcliffe portraying his beloved character as washed up and pathetic, and much of a pain and embarrassment to his old friends, classmates and teachers.

But Radcliffe’s comic ability wasn’t limited to jokes about Potter. In fact, the funniest moment of the night was when Radcliffe took on the edgy topic of Casey Anthony, playing her terrified new dog on Weekend Update. Seth Meyers interviewed Radcliffe as Anthony’s terrier, and comments on his infamous new owner.

The actor’s glory didn’t stop there. He also gave us gold as a frustrated participant in spin-the-bottle and an overenthusiastic Irish dancer/Chinese calligrapher. Radcliffe was even hilarious in a straight man role he took against a batty exit poll taker, played by Kristen Wiig.

What this should prove (unsurprisingly) is that Radcliffe’s career will face no trouble, despite the end of the Potter franchise. The actor’s talents in drama have been long apparent, and now we are quite confident in his comic magic as well.

Watch our favorite sketches from Saturday night below!