Daniel Radcliffe to Work His Magic on ‘SNL’

Harry Potter Daniel RadcliffeThe young man we all came to know as Harry Potter is taking strides to go beyond his initial claim to fame. First stop: take the theater world by storm. Second stop: take on a dark, sinister film (The Woman in Black). Third stop: host SNL. And that’s exactly what Daniel Radcliffe is doing.

The former boy wizard will take hosting duties on the sketch show come Jan. 14. And they’ve made jokes at his expense enough times that he deserves a chance to deliver a few himself. If only Rachel Dratch would make an appearance alongside the man she used to mimic so joyously, then we’d have a real show. Sultry, Nancy Sinatra protege Lana Del Rey will stop by Studio 8H to provide musical accompaniment.

January will also see Charles Barkley and Kelly Clarkson take hosting and musical guest duties on Jan. 7.

Source: TVLine