Danny Glover Switches To TV For Kiefer Sutherland Drama

Danny GloverThings are about to get a little more awkward for Donald Glover (Community). The young comedian/rapper/sitcom star is often confused with seasoned actor Danny Glover (or mistaken for his son and no, they are not related; stop asking) and now, Danny is encroaching on Donald’s television turf. Well, not completely, but the “Donald Glover is on TV, Danny Glover is the one from Lethal Weapon” explanation is going to need some revising. Danny Glover just joined Fox’s drama, Touch, alongside Kiefer Sutherland.

The show follows Sutherland as a father whose son can predict things before they happen, but of course because it’s Fox and they love Sutherland, the show will be about him despite the fact that his son is a freaking clairvoyant. Glover (Danny, not Donald; boy, this is going to be annoying) will play a professor and expert in dealing with gifted children “who possess special gifts when it comes to numbers,” whatever that means.

Fox is putting a lot of weight behind this show, but hopefully that plot has a little more teeth to it. Right now it simply sounds like a teen version of Medium with some of our favorite crime-fighting dudes thrown in for good measure.

Source: TV Line