‘Sex and the City’ Veteran to Direct Alicia Silverstone’s Pilot for Lifetime

If Sex and the City and Clueless got married and had a little baby, then you’d be left with the new Lifetime series HR. Dont’ believe us? Read on! The upcoming pilot stars Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone and Sex and the City‘s Darren Star is now on board to direct. Okay fine the show is not going to be about fashionable teens from the 90210 or sexually-charged, sophisticated city gals, but it still sounds pretty promising.

Written by Glenn Porter (I Melt With You), HR stars Silverstone as Ellen Bell, a controlling Director of Human Sources for an international company, who suffers from a major head injury. Yes, of course she hits her head — This is Lifetime we’re talking about! This  epiphany-inducing bump on the head shakes up her outdated perspective on her life.

Post-noggin’ injury, Ellen conquers her male-dominated workplace with charisma as she institutes new ambitions for the business to take on — cue Beyoncé’s hit “Run the World (Girls).” Yes, we know. It’s like totally weird to imagine Cher Horowitz running a biz, considering she can’t even pass her driver’s test!

Darren Star is set to not only direct the project, but is also slated as executive producer alongside Michael Lohmann, according to Hollywood Reporter. Star most recently worked as the producer for CW’s 90210. Although we are saddened that this pilot doesn’t really draw any parallels to Clueless or Sex and the City, it will definitely be interesting to see Alicia Silverstone tackling a lead role once more on the small screen.

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