David Cross with ‘Arrested Development’ Cast: Scared to Reunite with Blue Man Group

Arrested DevelopmentThis morning, Arrested Development fans got a bit of life-affirming news about the return of the most celebrated series since Scandalmakers. The AD cast and creator Mitch Hurwitz appeared at National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas on Tuesday to give fans news about the future of the Bluth family. And although Hurwitz was dead set on giving his devoted supporters some tangible information to take home, one of his cast members was more an advocate of living up to his reputation for absurdity: David Cross.

Cross took to the mic after being questioned about his willingness to reunite with the Blue Man Group, a reference Cross allegedly “doesn’t get.” His eventual explanation for not wanting to go down that path was a whole lot more intricate and logically deviating than anyone in the audience expected. But you don’t get a character like Tobias from a guy who’s boring.

Check out the video of Cross turning a simple question into a mentally disturbed comedy routine, and the two clips below of creator Hurwitz discussing the future of the beloved series. Then shout out a merry “Annyong!” because Arrested Development is on its way back!


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