David Letterman Celebrates ‘Late Show’ Anniversary: Late Last Night

Congratulations are in order to David Letterman, who celebrated the seventeenth anniversary of The Late Show. He celebrated the momentous occasion by continuing what we saw last week when he sat down with Brian Williams and told him he didn’t belong on Jay Leno (which he doesn’t) and deflating a few of his (Jay! Not Brian!) cars that certainly can’t make any litter of newborn kittens’ first breaths any easier to take.

He also spoke to Jessica Alba, who talked about how nervous she was to film Machete with Robert De Niro. She also tried to pretend she wasn’t interested in talking about how much of a wreck Lindsay Lohan is, and for that, I can say I do not care for her.

I do not know who Don Johnson is, except for that Jay Leno talked to him last night and shared what it was like to be nominated for an Emmy and not win one. (Perhaps that’s why I have no clue who he is).

And since Jimmy Fallon was busy making sure he still had all his fingers and toes after hosting the Emmys, his producers aired a show that was just a compilation of clips proving his SNL days aren’t terribly far behind him.