David Letterman Responds to Jihadist’s Death Threats

David Letterman’s means of handling misfortune, or even danger, is admirable. Whenever something bad happens to the man, he combats it with humor. One could detract credit from Letterman by saying that, what with the line of work he is in, it is unavoidable to handle situations this way. But the fact that he so elegantly and genuinely does choose — on not just a professional level, but a personal level as well — to rectify all wrongs afforded to him with nothing other than the mighty sword of comedy proves that he belongs in and defines this line of work. Last week, an internet Jihadist made several severe death threats to Letterman regarding jokes Letterman made back in June about deceased accused terrorist leader Ilyas Kashmiri. Upon returning from hiatus, Letterman marked both his opening monologue and his Top Ten List with pointed and hilarious remarks about the death threats. He is both making light of his own safety and of the jihadist belief system. And of course, there are Leno jokes. Well done, Letterman.

Source: Vulture